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- CHEST LAUNCHER: Dragonoid Infinity holds up to 5 Bakugan! Load the exclusive Bakugan
Ultra into its chest and transform the head and wings! Press the button and blast the Bakugan
Ultra into action!
- EXCLUSIVE FUSED DRAGONOID ULTRA: Dragonoid Infinity is the only place to find the
fused Dragonoid x Auxillataur! Combining 2 factions, fused Bakugan are all-new, powerful
characters to collect!
- NFINITE WAYS TO PLAY: With 10 pieces of exclusive Baku-Gear, power up your Bakugan
for battle, assemble them into a sword and shield for Dragonoid Infinity or combine them into
an Infinity Blaster!
- The Bakugan Dragonoid Infinity figure makes a great holiday or birthday gift for kids aged 6
and up. Power up and launch into battle with Dragonoid Infinity!
- Comes with - 1 Dragonoid Infinity Figure, 1 Bakugan Ultra, 10 Pieces of Baku-Gear, 2
BakuCores, 3 Ability Cards, 1 Character Card, 1 Instruction Sheet

Bakugan Dragonoid Infinity

£49.99 Regular Price
£39.99Sale Price
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